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Weak things break...

I took this from several of my strength training courses from Louie Simmons on the Westside Barbell system. This has a lot to do with your spine and muscles and how it handles stress, daily activities and a lot of the repetitive injuries that a lot of people deal with on a regular basis. Read More

When is a Stomach Problem Actually a Nerve Problem?

G.I. or Gastro intestinal problems can take a real toll and even the most patient person. Digestive complaints can cause not only daily discomfort, but they can also rob you of essential nutrients, daily energy and you may even cause you to miss work or your normal activities that you enjoy every day. Read More

What is the Most Important Vertebra in your Spine?

I get asked quite often what is the most important bone or vertebra in your spine. Well answer that is my opinion is quite simple. it is the top neck bone or upper cervical vertebra called C1 or atlas. This bone is at the base of your skull and connects your brain to your body. Read More

Mattress Matters and Pillow Talk

Getting a proper nights sleep is one of the most important things you can do to maintain proper health. Two huge factors that play a large part in this is your mattress and pillow. They not only allow you the ability to sleep well but aid in recovery from work, activity and daily stressors and many people overlook the importance of these two. Many pillows and mattresses offer proper support for the body and give the comfort at the same time. I put together a guide when choosing some of the best mattresses and pillows for you to unlock your ability to achieve ideal sleep, aid in recovery and improved health. These will help you by choosing the best mattress and pillow that suit the proper way that you should be sleeping. Read More

Headaches are common but not Normal

Society mistakenly believes that just the fact that many people have headaches makes them normal. Many people have that occasional headache but the frequency of how many people have them regularly may surprise you. At least one time per month about 15% of the population experience a headache, but there are some estimates and say that there are 5% or more have a headache every single day. This type of headache can be that only constant, but also debilitating at times. And headaches are one of the most common causes of disability with Americans. They are one of the top reasons for visiting the doctor and more than 250 million days are lost from work because of this disabling headache that cost over $25 billion per year. Headaches affect the entire population, but women are twice as likely to get them as men. Read More

Three types of Stress

Every day we deal with multiple levels of stress. I do think post COVID, there's a lot more stress than we ever had before. Current research suggests that between 75 and 90% of all doctor visits today are related to stress related illnesses. Elevated stress levels have been linked to many common health problems today which include asthma, diabetes, heart disease and obesity heart disease to name a few. So where does all this stress come from? There are three different types of stress and each one affects our body in a different way. Read More

So what is Colic?

Colic is defined as the inability to comfort a crying young child or baby that exhibits periodic fussiness that can last up to hours or even days. This colic is characterized by a loud piercing cry, tightened or tensed stomach muscles, flexed legs and clenched fingers with the inability to try to calm down. In general it starts about three weeks of age and can last up to three months but even as long as six months. Colic affects approximately 10- 20% of newborns. While the research reports there is no one specific cause and with that in mind, makes it very difficult to treat a colicky baby. Other suggestions include that while you're breast-feeding, you sure don't want to consume foods that give you gas or indigestion like broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions and even spicy foods. it may be even as simple as an food allergy to the type of baby formula that you're feeding your newborn. Read More

Do I have a Pinched nerve?

Do I have a Pinched Nerve & How Chiropractic Can Help A pinched nerve can be shooting pain that travels down your arms or legs. This deep, dull, nagging, sharp or stabbing pain which can be called “sciatica” which is pain going down your legs or “brachial neuralgia” that's travels down your arms could be the sign of a pinched nerve. Unfortunately, these pinched nerves are a common concern that many people have at some point in their life. Read More

Can Posture effect Your Heart rate and Breathing?

There's not a day that I don't review and discuss proper posture with my patients. But a lot of times they don't know the long-term effects on their health. Posture affects your heart rate and how often you breathe. Poor posture can not only cause a headache, neck pain, pain between shoulders and lower back pain and these issues are not that big of a surprise. But, I believe there's an even deeper story when it comes to posture and how it affects the body. Read More

Am I still a Vegetarian if I eat Crickets?

As I would visit the local Pet Supplies Store Plus and see customers walk out with bags of crickets, I would never think that I would be one day eating them myself. While it is something I wouldn't think of back then, truth the matter is that we have been consuming crickets for hundreds of years and approximately 80% of the population in the world already consume insects regularly (our Western culture has not seen the benefits of these little insects). Read More

Get a Grip...Literally

I remember as a young man, my dad telling the importance of having a strong but firm handshake and I've continued that through my entire career. With that idea in mind, I never truly knew the value and importance of a good grip not only as a young man, but as we age and get into the golden years. The importance of having a good grip for holding on and lifting things, but for simple and basic activities like opening a jar, tearing open a bag of chips or maybe holding onto a bag of mulch as you carry from the car to the flower bed. These abilities may seem nominal basic activities do you show the importance of having a strong grip at a young and older age. I was reading an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (1999), that stated that in an older person, decreased muscle strength predisposes a person to functional limitations in activities of daily living and can cause disability. We all know that a simple minimum level of strength is needed to perform a basic task. When your strength is much higher than the minimum level, you've got a little bit more in your strength tank to do what is necessary. This reserve capacity as they call it, serves as a safety margin that presents and prevents functional limitations from developing like deconditioning, possibility for an injury or just not being able to do the activity. Read More

How Fermented are you?

Being from a high German heritage, I remember always having sauerkraut at least once a week in my house. While it may be a acquired taste, I still enjoy it today without the ribs that my mom always cooked. Not only for the taste, but for the many of the health benefits that go along with eating sauerkraut on a regular basis. So, what does fermented actually mean? Fermented means when microbes or bacterial or enzyme enzymatic reactions breakdown the food into smaller compounds that are easier for digestion. When most people think of fermentation, I think of either pickles or sauerkraut as their major examples. Fermented foods can also include kimchi, kiefer, tempeh, kombucha, yogurt, sour dough bread, and of course one of my favorites is sauerkraut. There is ongoing research that show that a diet that is rich in fermented foods can bring many health benefits. Fermenting foods allow you to store food for longer periods of time and boosting their shelf life. It will give your body a huge dose of helpful probiotics which are microorganisms crucial to aiding in proper digestion. Read More

It looks like that auto accident you had when you were a teenager is finally catching up with you...

It looks like that auto accident you had when you were a teenager is finally catching up with you. This month I had several patients who had severe pain in their neck that just happened for no apparent reason or cause, it just happened as they stated. While discussing their reviewing history, they didn't remember of any accidents in the last 10 or 20 years that they recalled. The spinal exam showed a lot of restriction and muscle spasm. After the recommendation of neck x-rays, it was determined that they had a spinal level which is typical for the fifth and sixth vertebra in the neck to have significant amount of spinal degeneration and arthritis. I asked them do you remember maybe 30 years or more ago were you may be in a small fender bender. The answer to that is oh yeah, I remember I was a teenager and was rear ended. You know, I really didn't feel any pain I was just sore for a couple days, but it just kind of went away. I said this is the accident that caused this amount of spinal degeneration in your neck and arthritis. Read More

How did my Back go out just from picking up a Paperclip?

I get asked all the time how my back just went out when I tried to pick up a paper clip or just getting the laundry out of the dryer. Well, the answer is very simple and also very complicated as well as to how your body let this happen. So here is the long and short answer. You should be able to do all these activities with ease, without difficulty and no possibility of flareups. What has occurred is that you have allowed your body to improperly adapt and compensate by doing the same thing over and over again without ever changing certain mechanics causing poor body dynamics which developed spinal dysfunction. What you've also done is allow muscular weaknesses and compensations to occur in your back muscles. This is caused by not actively stretching, exercising, changing and adapting you're normal sitting and standing postures that you have to do a continual daily basis at home and work. This weakness occurs when your body is not forced to either change, adapt or progressively improve through either an active flexibility, range of motion or resistance exercise program. Read More

Algae be seeing you Soon...

Blue green Algae is an aquatic micro vegetable organism that is been used throughout history. It is the most nutrient dense food on the planet with over 40 known nutrients with a shelf life of approximately 6 to 8 years. Spirulina has more micro nutrients and protein than any other food source on water or land. it is only until recently that the population has seen the benefits of this “Greatest Superfood on Earth” with validation by NASA and United nations. Spirulina has potential to be a food source that will help feed and nourish the world’s population. Spirulina has been shown to have his same nutrition nutritional profile and assimilation properties similar to mother’s milk. Read More

Is it Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor?

Many people seeking help from a chiropractor are suffering from back pain or discomfort; in essence, they’re looking for that much-needed pain relief from a medical professional. But what happens when your back pain is worse after a chiropractor visit? Does that mean that the treatment didn’t work? The short answer is no. In order to understand why this happens, we need to understand what the treatment consists of when you start chiropractic care Read More

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