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Do I have a Pinched Nerve?

When nerves become pinched through an injury, muscle spasms and inflammation of the muscles may cause the nerve to become compressed or irritated, resulting in pain. The general term “pinched nerve” is somewhat of a catch all phrase. This is used many times to describe pain which is associated with many different conditions from misalignment of the spine, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica pain, and trigger point and muscle spasms. Read More

The Importance of Proper Sleeping Habits for your Health

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being, and it's especially important for maintaining optimal spinal health. Proper sleeping habits, including bedtime routines, sleeping positions, and mattress firmness, play a significant role in supporting optimal health. Read More

What if Dr. Joe was on Ritalin?

Grade school was a very difficult time for me in many ways. I struggled in math and language arts and generally had trouble with test taking, especially the big annual standardized tests that measured academic progress and overall class rank. I didn’t think I was smart. It took a lot of hard work for me to get through just grade school and high school with mostly C’s and high B’s. The only courses I was good at were art and health. Science and history weren’t too bad because I could just straight out memorize things. My teachers knew I had abilities, and they kept working with me to figure out my learning formula. Read More

Pregnancy and Chiropractic...Your best Start

Congratulations, you are going to have a baby. Sheppard Chiropractic wants you to have a healthy pregnancy for both you and your child. Our office wants to inform new mothers of ways that they can have a better pregnancy. One of the ways you can have a healthier pregnancy is to take care of your body. Women should eat a healthy diet both, before, during and after their pregnancy and get proper amounts of sleep. another way to take care of yourself during your pregnancy is to exercise regularly. A daily exercise regimen is as important during pregnancy as it is before and afterwards. Exercise helps to make you feel your best during your pregnancy. You should consult your doctor to determine what is best for you and your baby. These are a few of the known ways you can take care of your body during your pregnancy. Read More

It's Easier to Build a Childs Future rather than Repair an Adult

I am constantly getting asked “why are so many parents taking their children to see a certified pediatric chiropractor?”. I tell them that the answer is quite simple, children have spines and a nervous system just the same as adults do. We want to make sure they are taking good care of it especially during the developmental years. Read More

Is my baby too young to be adjusted?

This is a very common question that I do get asked, especially with newborn babies. The birth process can be very stressful, not only on the mother but the baby also. During the delivery process, sometimes there can be difficulty which can cause injuries to the very upper neck, upper back and shoulder regions of newborns. With some forceps and suction deliveries, this injures and strains the upper neck region in an infant which can cause muscle spasm, sometimes called torticollis and some complications after delivery. Read More

The Poopin Bone

One of the problems that many parents deal with today with their children is constipation. It has become a problem that affects two out of every four children that come into my office. These toxins continue to stay in the body and will cause sickness and ill health. Our children today also continue to have a diet that has minimal fiber from not eating enough whole grains, vegetables and fruits and not drinking water. The health and wellness of your child comes from within their own body and not from a pill, laxative or a potion. The body’s ability to heal, regulate and eliminate is directly proportional to the function of the nervous system. I have found through my career, chiropractic experience and education that 80% of children today are subluxated during the birth process (C-section, forceps or suction). This subluxation or misalignment interferes with the child’s ability to digest and eliminate foods. Read More

I don't know Why I was so Afraid of the Adjustment

More than usual this week, I have heard several of the new patients say... I don't know what I was so afraid of going to the chiropractor and getting adjusted. I told them maybe it was what they had see on TV, a YouTube video or even a TikTok that may have created that fear as many of these videos are done to increase social media ranking, get more views, likes, or something of that sort. Actually that popping and cracking you hear is not normally that loud. The noise is hyper elevated by having the microphone right near where he or she is adjusting on the spine. Read More

Can chiropractic adjustments induce labor?

The birth of a baby is a very exciting time for both the husband and wife. The whole 40 week process with the anticipation and preparing for the big day along with the knowing exact date of birth, can be somewhat predicted and unknown at the same time. When this big day occurs, mom may be not totally prepared for a long and sometimes difficult labor. Studies do show that the longer that the mom is in labor particularly if the baby is not in a normal down position, the more both mom and the baby are at risk. While medication is often used to speed up or induce labor, sometimes this may cause additional stress on the baby. Read More

Why am I still in pain after my first adjustment?

This is a very common question that I get asked when patients come in after the first adjustment. While, this answer is very simple and even more complicated than they may know at that time. On rare occasion, people after their first adjustment experience almost immediate relief from the pain. Well this does happen it isn't very often. Like most my patience to wait until the pain gets so bad and they just can't function in their daily activities that they finally decide to do something about it. Read More

Can Chiropractic Adjustments help my baby sleep better?

Many times babies have problems sleeping especially in the very beginning. While this is quite normal and expected to some degree, because you know they wake up, eat every few hours, have to go to the bathroom and then need a diaper change. But if your baby just can't fall asleep, or stay asleep for periods of time even after they have even after they have a full belly, a very specific and gentle chiropractic adjustment might be the answer. Read More

Why you should take Creatine

Thru all my athletic experiences, competitions and research trials, I have searched the globe (and internet) for natural and effective ways to increase muscle strength and the speed my recovery from high intensity cardiovascular and heavy resistance workouts. For years I have used Creatine and have felt the difference in my overall strength, lean muscle mass, faster recovery times and delayed onset soreness. Read More

Algae be seeing you soon...

Blue green Algae is an aquatic micro vegetable organism that is been used throughout history. It is the most nutrient dense food on the planet with over 40 known nutrients with a shelf life of approximately 6 to 8 years. Spirulina has more micro nutrients and protein than any other food source on water or land. it is only until recently that the population has seen the benefits of this “Greatest Superfood on Earth” with validation by NASA and United nations. Spirulina has potential to be a food source that will help feed and nourish the world’s population. Spirulina has been shown to have his same nutrition nutritional profile and assimilation properties similar to mother’s milk. Read More

Which is worse a thick wallet in your back pocket or high heels for causing pain in your back?

Well, both of them can be instrumental in causing compensation and imbalances in your pelvis and in your lower back. But let's start with the wallets first. When I grew up as a kid, gentleman placed the wallet in his back pocket. As we aged the wallet became a little bit thicker as we added a little bit more plastic and of course some cash. Placing the wallet in our back pocket, the pelvis, or buttock region becomes elevated on that side. What this does is cause a tilting from one side to the left, producing a imbalance in the lower lumbar and sacral region of the spine. What initially seems as something simple, leads to compensation effects that will eventually cause irritation and pain on the lower spine and lumbar nerve regions. What it also does is cause a pinching of the lumbar and sacral nerves giving you lower back pain, shooting down into your legs and numbness in the toes. Read More

To Sit or Stand? That is the Question.

To sit or stand, that is the question.... in the process of my day, I get asked several times would it be better if I stood or sat at work. The way I answer this question is we as humans were not designed to either sit or stand all day, but through the day we should have variations in sitting, standing and movement all throughout the day, so that our body does not get used to or become lazy by staying in one position for too long of a time. Read More

Have You Ever Adjusted Someone Famous?

I do get asked many times... have I ever adjusted anyone famous. Well over the last 31 years I don't really recall of anyone really famous and it's not that I haven't or wanted to if it would maybe happen, but I have chosen more of a simple practice that is just composed of families and their friends in my community. Certain dynamics are involved adjusting famous people, and I chose to really not be a part of that. I have chose just to enjoy a health centered practice that works on the families which include all the great grandparents, grandparents, the parents, kids, the grandkids in my local community that I grew up myself. Read More

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