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Your child’s spine protects the nervous system. Stress, poor diet, bad posture and injuries can misalign your child’s spine causing pressure on the delicate nervous system. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons have determined that carrying a load weighing more than 20% of your child’s bodyweight subjects him or her to serious spinal problems. The nervous system controls and posture affect every physiological function of the body including taste, touch, hearing, digestion, breathing, elimination, immunity, hormone production and your child’s health (American Journal of Pain Management).Dr. Seth Sharpless, a neuropsychologist at the University of Colorado, discovered that it only takes pressure approximately the weight of a dime to reduce nerve function as much as 60%. Since pain is typically the last symptom of spinal nerve compression, other symptoms will be affecting your child long before they complain of pain. This is because 90% of your child’s nervous system is dedicated to controlling the function of the body, and only 10% is dedicated to controlling pain signals.
Rather than just treating the symptoms, chiropractors seek the cause of your child’s symptoms, which is interference in the nervous system from misalignments in the spine. The more mechanically distorted a child’s spine, the more abnormal the behavior. The nervous system is like the circuit box in a house. When a fuse is blown, that part of the house won’t work properly. In the same way a new fuse restores the system back to full functionality, a chiropractic adjustment can restore the health of your child.


Children under chiropractic care get sick less often with less severity. They rarely miss days from school due to illness and typically have fewer emotional, neurological, and learning problems. When compared with children under medical care, kids under chiropractic care had fewer ear infections, allergies, and lower incidence of tonsillitis (American Chiropractor 1993). Dr. Ron Pero, NY Prevention Medicine Institute of Environmental Health reported that chiropractic can strengthen the immune system up to 200% stronger than those not receiving chiropractic care. Getting adjustments during pregnancy results in a 31% decreased labor time for the first child and 25% for subsequent children (Int Rev Chiropractic 1990). A three-month study in the Journal of Physiological Therapeutic showed a 94% reduction in colic within 2 weeks. Spinal adjustments have also been shown to improve athletic performance by 6% in young athletes. Chiropractic is gentle, safe, and effective means to improve and maintain your child’s health.


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