I'm Too Old to Get Adjusted

One of my patients came to the office with her mother who was sitting in the chair.  She started to ask me a series of questions on chiropractic care. After I answered them,  I asked her, well why don't you get adjusted? She replied to me,  I'm just  too old for that at this stage of my life.  I said you're never too old or you're never too young for that matter to get a chiropractic adjustment. Even at the golden years of 80, you can still get a benefit from specific chiropractic care.  She asked what benefit would that be?

A chiropractic adjustment can do several things for you.  Number one is It improves how your nervous system works and how it functions. This could reduce your pain, improve how your organs, glands and tissues function, or your overall sense of balance. Secondly, the chiropractic adjustment reduces muscle spasm and joint stiffness, giving you increased range of motion doing normal daily functions, like lifting  your grandchildren or some of your activities that you do with your friends and family like pickle ball or maybe even working in the yard. And lastly, no matter how old you are or miles you have on your body, it is still essential to have a regular spinal checkup. I look at this as being very similar to a person has been driving their car for many years and never gotten a engine tune-up or tire alignment. What Chiropractic does is improve the quality and function of how your body works in general.  Because your nervous system controls all glands organs and tissues of the body. A properly functioning nervous system allows your body to work, move and function better all levels of your life whether in home, work, sleep and the essential activities with you family.

As we also age, bone density can become less strong, thinner and sometimes weaker (osteopenia). With my Golden years patients, I use a less force type chiropractic adjustment called Activator. This Activator adjustment style is easier on the spinal vertebrae and muscles with a very light directed and controlled alignment and doesn’t involve the twisting and turning type adjustment.  

Every part of your body and spinal/pelvis joints improves with proper specific spinal chiropractic alignments from the body movements, to the way you think, how your muscles relax and your nerves controlling all the glands, organs and tissues of the body (muscles and ligaments). At the end of the visit she said, I'd like to be seen as a chiropractic patient, so there you go… You are never too old to go to a Chiropractor and get a specific adjustment. Chiropractic care can be essential part of your healthcare. Thanks for reading, Dr. Joe.

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