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Do I have a Pinched nerve?

Do I have a Pinched Nerve & How Chiropractic Can Help A pinched nerve can be shooting pain that travels down your arms or legs. This deep, dull, nagging, sharp or stabbing pain which can be called “sciatica” which is pain going down your legs or “brachial neuralgia” that's travels down your arms could be the sign of a pinched nerve. Unfortunately, these pinched nerves are a common concern that many people have at some point in their life. Read More

How Fermented are you?

Being from a high German heritage, I remember always having sauerkraut at least once a week in my house. While it may be a acquired taste, I still enjoy it today without the ribs that my mom always cooked. Not only for the taste, but for the many of the health benefits that go along with eating sauerkraut on a regular basis. So, what does fermented actually mean? Fermented means when microbes or bacterial or enzyme enzymatic reactions breakdown the food into smaller compounds that are easier for digestion. When most people think of fermentation, I think of either pickles or sauerkraut as their major examples. Fermented foods can also include kimchi, kiefer, tempeh, kombucha, yogurt, sour dough bread, and of course one of my favorites is sauerkraut. There is ongoing research that show that a diet that is rich in fermented foods can bring many health benefits. Fermenting foods allow you to store food for longer periods of time and boosting their shelf life. It will give your body a huge dose of helpful probiotics which are microorganisms crucial to aiding in proper digestion. Read More

Ice Ice Baby

One of the biggest questions I get asked is… whether you should ice or heat when experiencing pain or stiffness. I always, use the rule that simplifies this and that is when you have pain that on a scale of 1 to 10 that is more than 3, you should ice anything less than that you can use heat. Read More

Viewing 1 - 3 out of 3 posts

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