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The Poopin Bone

One of the problems that many parents deal with today with their children is constipation. It has become a problem that affects two out of every four children that come into my office. These toxins continue to stay in the body and will cause sickness and ill health. Our children today also continue to have a diet that has minimal fiber from not eating enough whole grains, vegetables and fruits and not drinking water. The health and wellness of your child comes from within their own body and not from a pill, laxative or a potion. The body’s ability to heal, regulate and eliminate is directly proportional to the function of the nervous system. I have found through my career, chiropractic experience and education that 80% of children today are subluxated during the birth process (C-section, forceps or suction). This subluxation or misalignment interferes with the child’s ability to digest and eliminate foods. Read More

Am I still a Vegetarian if I eat Crickets?

As I would visit the local Pet Supplies Store Plus and see customers walk out with bags of crickets, I would never think that I would be one day eating them myself. While it is something I wouldn't think of back then, truth the matter is that we have been consuming crickets for hundreds of years and approximately 80% of the population in the world already consume insects regularly (our Western culture has not seen the benefits of these little insects). Read More

Do You Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables Everyday?

Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables every day? The USDA recommends that for each meal you fill up at least half your plate with fruits and or vegetables. Unfortunately, most Americans are failing to do so. The CDC reported that in 2017, only ONE out of every 10 adults in the United States consume the recommended daily amount of these food groups. The CDC also reported that 60% of children did not eat enough fruit to meet the daily recommendations and 93% of children didn't eat enough vegetables. Read More

Viewing 1 - 3 out of 3 posts

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