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The Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care for Preventing Injuries

Every activity or sport comes with a potential for injuring yourself. If your body is not properly aligned and balanced to remove lockups and tension, a simple fall or misstep could result in serious injury and pain. When you keep up with regular chiropractic adjustments your body can move in a way like a well-oiled machine, this helps absorb impact and protect your joints and tendons. Read More

Adjustment vs Manipulation: What is the difference?

One question I have been asked before is “What is the difference between an adjustment and manipulation of the spine?”. In this article we will discuss the many factors that set an adjustment aside from a manipulation. There is a myth that “Chiropractic is manipulation, and manipulation is chiropractic”, but that is not true. Read More

Chiropractic Care for Kids and Why Routine Adjustments are Important

I am constantly getting asked “why are so many parents taking their children to see a certified pediatric chiropractor?”. I tell them that the answer is quite simple, children have spines and a nervous system just the same as adults do. We want to make sure they are taking good care of it especially during the developmental years. Read More

So how is it that my Arm Pain and Numbness in my Hands is coming from my Neck?

So how is it that my arm pain and numbness in my hands is coming from my neck? So the answer to that is quite simple, while there can be other reasons that may be more serious causing your arm pain. Typically what I find after a examination, consultation and x-rays that many times it is originating from the neck region. There is a series of nerves that come out of your neck called the brachial plexus, they form a network of nerves that innervate the shoulder, arm, forearm and hands. Read More

How long should I wait after a recent fall or maybe an auto accident to be examined?

A question that I get asked is how long should I wait after a recent fall or maybe an auto accident to be examined?. We’ll, that answer is quite simple and I have always said that the longer you wait to address or fix something the harder it will be to correct. Let say you were recently involved in an auto accident, this accident didn't seem like much, but you were a little sore for a couple days and then maybe after several weeks your neck became a little stiff and restricted that was the beginning of some of the long-term effects of having some thing not addressed immediately after it happened. You're driving down the road and you hit a pothole going 55 miles an hour. You do have a couple choices, you can continue to drive thousands of miles with your being out of alignment or you can stop by a auto mechanic and have your tires realign so it doesn't cause long-term damage or wear and tear on your tire. Read More

Can I be Adjusted after Spinal Surgery?

Over the last 30 years in chiropractic practice, there are several times where I have made the referral decision where the chiropractic was not working as well as I wanted for the patient. This was because of some severe disc herniation/protrusion, pinched nerve or maybe spinal stenosis. This referral typically required maybe a steroid injection initially or as a Last Resort spinal surgery. As the sometimes does happen with a small percentage, chiropractic did not work as well as I had wanted it surgical spinal procedures were required. Read More

How can my Foot Numbness and Leg pain be Coming from my Lower Back?

It may seem a little crazy that that dull, nagging leg and foot numbness is coming from your lower back. But if you have had pain in your leg or numbness in your foot or even a pinched nerve in your lower back this may be the true cause of your issue. By definition, pain or numbness that travels along a spinal nerve is called radicular pain, it's one of the most common types of pain that it occurs as a result of a spinal nerve compression, misaligned vertebrae or inflammation. Read More

The Vagus nerve and how important is it to my overall Health?

The Vauas nerve is a very hot topic with a lot of research especially as it correlates to high levels of stress and chronic illness. The Vagas nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves that exit around or near the upper neck or cervical region. As a chiropractor we have known the importance of this nerve and not only maintaining health, allowing the body to deal with increased levels of stress and overall relaxation. Read More

Why don't my Adjustments hold or Last Longer?

Well, this answer can be quite simple and complex at the same time. Always remember, that a chiropractic judgment is not a permanent fix to a misalignment of the spine. We can get subluxations or misalignments every day and this depends on physical, emotional, mental and even Technological stress is that we placed on our body every day. Read More

BCAA or EAA... Which Ones Should I Take?

When I was in undergraduate school at Morehead State University taking nutrition classes, I learned that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Now while that is true, amino acids have a lot more to do with just muscle and protein but also with injury repair, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, mental stabilization in reality every single function that takes place in your body. the nutrition industry has categorized selling these Aminos supplements into BCAA and EAS. So let's describe them so you can understand the difference between the two Read More

What is HRV?

There are some days where I do feel occasionally tired but most of my days I'm fully charged. With that understanding. having this ability to know when to push to the next level or just coast to an easy workout is extremely important as an athlete, father or physician. I feel the heart rate variability rate (HRV) is an ideal noninvasive tool to test your progress, recovery or training intensity. Read More

Pass the Salt Grandma

As I look back at my childhood and young adult life, I vividly recall of my Grandma Hais. She was an athletically built swimmer who continued to swim every day even into her early eighties. She had this preference to putting salt on just about everything she ate excluding breakfast cereal. I recall my family trying to take the saltshaker away from her, but with limited avail. What intrigued me is that even with salting her food with almost every bite, her BMI was excellent and blood pressure was always low. I guess the long living genes in my German and Italian heritage continued thru me as I have many of the same habits as Grandma. I have managed a very healthy lifestyle of mostly fruits, vegetable, moderate level of exercise with minimal bad habits that I admit (my wife says I have more than just 2.5 cups of coffee a day. Read More

How Often Should You get A Blood test?

How often should you get a blood test? Most physicians recommend once a year around the same time as your yearly physical, but this is the bare minimum. If you have any additional health concerns or complicating factors you may be asked to get blood test and urine test more frequently than just once a year. These may include unusual or persistent problems (weight gain or loss), wanting to improve or optimize your health and lastly to reduce your risk of disease or complications. Regular blood tests can catch the warning signs of almost any disease early. Many heart, lung, and kidney conditions can be diagnosed using blood tests. Read More

Why did it take days for my Whiplash injury to show up, when I felt fine after the Accident?

The pain can start immediately or develop days, weeks, or sometimes even months later. Symptoms can vary widely among individuals age, gender and other health factors. Most people with whiplash begin to experience the effects within 6-12 hours after the accident. You may leave the scene of the accident or trauma counting your blessings that you weren’t seriously injured, only to wake up the next morning with moderate-to-severe pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders and a throbbing Headache. This is because your adrenaline levels have now regulated and returned to normal, and your body has taken stock of the damage and sent in the necessary healing resources, which causes inflammation, muscle spasm and guarding. This is where the pain and stiffness can begin. This delay onset of symptoms is referred to as Late Whiplash Syndrome. According to the Journal Pain Practice (2008), it is estimated that 6.2 percent of all Americans currently suffer from Late Whiplash Syndrome. Read More

Top 5 Reason Seniors See A Chiropractor

Over the last 29 years in chiropractic practice, I have been not only humbled but honored to take care of many seniors who took care of me, feed me, taught and looked out for me over all these years. Here are Top five reasons that seniors seek chiropractic care. While many of the seniors are unaware of the benefits of regular chiropractic care, here is the top reasons in no particular order; pain relief, increase range of motion in the spine/extremities, improve balance and coordination, decrease joint degeneration and lastly improved overall health and well-being. We will go over one at a time, explain some of the details and benefits through chiropractic care. Read More

Are You Balanced or Compensated?

Are you balanced or just compensated? While we all try to live our life and more balance and harmony, the majority of the time our body is in a state of more compensation than balance. Over the last 29 years in chiropractic practice, I have discovered that our bodies when stressed, had a serious injury, poor spinal posture mechanics or just decondition due to lack of exercise will start to compensate and get out of homeostasis or balance. Through the use of diagnostic technology whether it is an Spinal X-ray that shows how the body is in alignment or weighted balance stand, surface Electromyography (SEMG), thermal heat scanning device or just a simple muscle strength test, you are able to see how your body is either compensated or balanced. Read More

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