Auto Accident Injuries Faq

There are several questions that injured patients always ask and will discuss these briefly. 

How long to heal?

First one is how long is it going take to heal from the injury. Typically, this takes in a whiplash sprain/strain injury is 6 to 8 weeks. This is in a non-complicated injury without disc bulge or pre-existing arthritic condition.

What is involved in my treatment?

This 2 to 3 months of chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy (Massage, muscle stimulation and stabilization/strengthening exercises) depending on the extent of injury ligament damage and type of whiplash injury side, rear or head on collision. 

Why did the pain take a few days to feel symptoms?

Your pain or symptoms can occur immediately after the accident but also can start 3 to 10 days post injury. This has to do with the tissue, muscle and ligament injury (stretching and strains), swelling and inflammation that occurs over time.

What are the treatments in proper healing?

I usually recommend specific chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, muscle/myofascial massage and nutritional supplements with healthier eating to speed the healing process. 

What is my visit schedule?

My recommendations are that you start out at to two to three times per week and as you improve the visits will be gradually reduced down with a longer period between visits to show stability.

What is involved in the First Visit?

Your initial visits will start with a consultation, history, detailed examination, x-rays. Usually on the second visit we will discuss the results of your findings about the extent of the injury, how long it's going to take to fix the problem, treatment plan at that time.

What is meant by complicating factors that slow my healing time?

The extent of the Injuries that occurs is dependent upon being aware of the accident, having her head turned to the left/right, rear end collusion, females are more injured than males due to the neck muscle structure, poor habits (smoking, lack of exercise) and additional health problems (diabetes, age or having an arthritic condition in the neck).

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