I Can't Adjust Myself

People often say.... you're lucky that you're a chiropractor, you can adjust yourself. Well, the truth of the matter is that I cannot adjust my own spine and even after 30 years of being in practice and over 52 years of being under chiropractic care, I still will not, and cannot adjust my own spine. Even chiropractors have to get a specific spinal adjustment from a chiropractor. 

My specific chiropractic maintenance routine is approximately every two weeks. This is what allows my body not only to stay healthy and my nervous system functioning at 100%, but also allows my musculoskeletal system to remain stable and strong without compensations or weakness due to my work duties, general stress, active lifestyle and activities of daily living. My patients also ask, who do you get adjusted by? Well there's two chiropractors that I've been going to for probably 20 plus years and they are Dr. Matt Haumesser and Dr. Holly Anderson. They are in my opinion, the finest principled chiropractors and best adjustors that I get aligned on a regular basis and I've been going to them on and off for tuneups for years. 

So why can't you adjust yourself Dr. Joe? The reason for that is a chiropractic adjustment to a subluxated or misaligned vertebrae has to be very specific and precise in the exact direction that your spine is out of alignment. No matter what I could, or even try to do, the natural guarding mechanism will not allow me to adjust my own spine. It's just not possible. When I hear people that say, "I adjust myself", i just smile and say even after 30 years of Chiropractic practice, I still cannot adjust myself. And even the greatest chiropractors that I met, do not, and cannot adjust themselves. So please don't believe that you can adjust your own spine. Now, you may manipulate your spine which means... you are grossly putting something that may or may not be out of alignment in a different position. Twisting your spine can make the ligaments lax or loose which over time will weaken and cause you to have to try to pop your neck and back more frequently. This causes weakness and instability and constant stiffness.  Chiropractic adjustments restore not only the proper alignment of the body/spine but the improve and optimize the function of your nervous system. So there you have it, I cannot adjust myself and I go to a chiropractor on a regular basis not only for most of my life (I'm 56), but will continue for the rest of my life. Also, thanks for reading Dr. Joe.

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