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Dr. Joe, I Don't Need a X-ray...

I don't need an X-Ray. That is something that I actually hear on a regular basis. "I haven't had any trauma recently and I don't think anything out of the ordinary that I would need an x-ray, so just adjust me... can you just do that?". My answer to that is quite simple. I do not know all the stress, traumas and injuries that you've had all of your life and it is important that I do this X-ray. A structural x-ray is needed to see exactly how your body has handled all that it's been through in your life. My kids believed for years that I had x-ray vision and I actually don't, I do take Spinal x-rays on my patients 16-17 years of age and older or younger with a significant injury or trauma. Read More

Weak things break...

I took this from several of my strength training courses from Louie Simmons on the Westside Barbell system. This has a lot to do with your spine and muscles and how it handles stress, daily activities and a lot of the repetitive injuries that a lot of people deal with on a regular basis. Read More

What is the Most Important Vertebra in your Spine?

I get asked quite often what is the most important bone or vertebra in your spine. Well answer that is my opinion is quite simple. it is the top neck bone or upper cervical vertebra called C1 or atlas. This bone is at the base of your skull and connects your brain to your body. Read More

Headaches are common but not Normal

Society mistakenly believes that just the fact that many people have headaches makes them normal. Many people have that occasional headache but the frequency of how many people have them regularly may surprise you. At least one time per month about 15% of the population experience a headache, but there are some estimates and say that there are 5% or more have a headache every single day. This type of headache can be that only constant, but also debilitating at times. And headaches are one of the most common causes of disability with Americans. They are one of the top reasons for visiting the doctor and more than 250 million days are lost from work because of this disabling headache that cost over $25 billion per year. Headaches affect the entire population, but women are twice as likely to get them as men. Read More

Why don't my Adjustments hold or Last Longer?

Well, this answer can be quite simple and complex at the same time. Always remember, that a chiropractic judgment is not a permanent fix to a misalignment of the spine. We can get subluxations or misalignments every day and this depends on physical, emotional, mental and even Technological stress is that we placed on our body every day. Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts

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