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Why Do I need X-rays?

So, Dr. Joe why do you have to take x-rays. Well, the reason for that is not only to see what injuries or traumas that you may have experienced during your life, but to also rule out something that they may be there that we not be able to know without an x-ray. Read More

What does a Tree and your Vertebrae have In Common?

This is a very interesting picture regarding the incredible power and adaption of nature. This tree grew around the fence that was placed too near to it. As the tree grew larger in size, it changed, and adapted to the forces and stresses that the steel fence placed on it. This is called "Wolfs Law", which means that your spine or bones just like the tree, will mold themselves based upon the amount of forces or stress that they are placed under. The more stress and strain that you place on the spinal vertebra, your body will not only adapt, conform, and react to these additional stressors. These stressors can be in the form of improper posture, bad ergonomics or repetitive habits. Or it could be where you were involved in a auto accident, a slip or fall, which may have knocked/thrown your spine out of alignment, which caused your body to adapt to these misalignments. Read More

Dr. Joe, I Don't Need a X-ray...

I don't need an X-Ray. That is something that I actually hear on a regular basis. "I haven't had any trauma recently and I don't think anything out of the ordinary that I would need an x-ray, so just adjust me... can you just do that?". My answer to that is quite simple. I do not know all the stress, traumas and injuries that you've had all of your life and it is important that I do this X-ray. A structural x-ray is needed to see exactly how your body has handled all that it's been through in your life. My kids believed for years that I had x-ray vision and I actually don't, I do take Spinal x-rays on my patients 16-17 years of age and older or younger with a significant injury or trauma. Read More

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