What is the Most Important Vertebra in your Spine?

I get asked quite often what is the most important bone or vertebra in your spine. Well answer that is my opinion is quite simple. it is the top neck bone or upper cervical vertebra called C1 or atlas. This bone is at the base of your skull and connects your brain to your body. 

All signals from your brain that go to all glands, organs and tissues come directly through this vertebra. Additionally it is also one of the weakest links in the human spine. The reason for that is that half of all our head movements occur between the head (skull) and the top 2 vertebrae (C1 and C2). So when this vertebra becomes misaligned or shifts in any direction away from the normal position either through stress, trauma, injuries, repetitive movements and bad posture mechanics which can either pinch or irritate the spinal cord region which will cause nerve pressure, alter and reduce flow to these glands organs and tissues. 

So what type of symptoms do you have when that upper neck bone is out of alignment. There's quite a few that I see most commonly in my patients which are as follows headaches or migraine headaches, dizziness, vertigo, off balance, ringing in the ears, fogginess, or just neck pain and stiffness. Your nervous system controls every gland, organ, tissue in the body and then when this direct connection from your brain to body, it will cloud or interfere with these functions. 

As a chiropractor, l perform a history, examination and we take specific upper cervical x-rays to show exactly where this misalignment is in your spine. What I do then is explain where this misalignment and perform a series of very specific alignments of that C1 Atlas vertebra, so that I can clear out that interference that's coming from your brain and your body. This Upper Neck chiropractic adjustment restores the proper and essential function of these glands, organs and tissues of your body. So the Altas (C1) vertebra the most important bone in the body that keeps the Brain Body connection at 100%.  If any other questions, please hesitate to ask, Thanks for reading Dr. Joe

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