I don't know Why I was so Afraid of the Adjustment

More than usual this week, I have heard several of the new patients say... I don't know what I was so afraid of going to the chiropractor and getting adjusted. I told them maybe it was what they had see on TV, a YouTube video or even a TikTok that may have created that fear as many of these videos are done to increase social media ranking, get more views, likes, or something of that sort.  Actually that popping and cracking you hear is not normally that loud. The noise is hyper elevated by having the microphone right near where he or she is adjusting on the spine.

As I start out with all my new patients, I give them a detailed consultation, history, exam and spinal x-rays. I explain to them that I will show them and walk them through what I'm going to do, so it doesn't scare them or alarm them. My chiropractic adjustments are very specific and directed to what is out of alignment in their spine. I do not adjust just to get more likes or reviews, which sometimes does happen in my profession. I prefer that it is my way of practice to be more right to the point and down to earth. I explain to them exactly what's causing their pain, what's out of alignment in their spine and how exactly I will be performing a very specific chiropractic adjustment.

With my adjustments you will hear pops and cracks. They are not as loud as you see on videos which can be described as very similar to popping and cracking your knuckles. It is very safe and effective when the adjustment is given with the proper amount of directed force that is required to adjust the misaligned vertebrae. Typically the patients will feel immediate change and not only their pain levels, muscle stiffness, range of motion, and in their overall feeling of well-being.

So there you go, after I've completed the consultation, exam, x-rays, and the patients first to adjustment, They always    say …I don't know why I was so worried and fearful. I had nothing to be concerned about, and I look forward to getting my adjustments my next appointment and from this day forward. Thanks for reading, Dr. Joe.

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