Is my baby too young to be adjusted?

 This is a very common question that I do get asked, especially with newborn babies. The birth process can be very stressful, not only on the mother but the baby also. During the delivery process, sometimes there can be difficulty which can cause injuries to the very upper neck, upper back and shoulder regions of newborns. With some forceps and suction deliveries, this injures and strains the upper neck region in an infant which can cause muscle spasm, sometimes called torticollis and some complications after delivery.

When the heart monitor alarms are going off, it is essential and the priority to get the new born out, some injuries do occur. When these injuries do occur, they involve, the most important region in the body, which is the upper neck or upper cervical region. Abraham Towbin, M.D., a Harvard University pathologist, found evidence of spinal injury as a result of the birthing process. Through his research examining 1,000 newborns, showed that approximately 80% of infants have a subluxation and or misalignment in their upper neck during the birth process.

While the question was asked… is my infant too young to be adjusted? The answer to that is no, especially if during the birth process an injury occurs, it is essential that the chiropractic adjustment is performed, efficiently and precisely to remove any interference in the nervous system that may have occurred. The nervous system controls and coordinates all glands, organs and tissues of the body. These functions may include digestion, sleep, relaxation, breathing, and all other functions. When a very specific and gentle chiropractic adjustment is performed on the upper neck region in an infant that has been through a detailed consultation and examination that shows there is a spinal misalignment.  The chiropractic adjustment restores the 100% nervous system function and allows the infants body to work and function as the Innate and God given power he or she was born with.

Both of my children were adjusted right after birth and the reason for that was during birth, the process was traumatic on their tiny little necks. In my opinion, this caused a strain and irritation on the upper cervical region.  That specific chiropractic alignment that was performed shortly after birth restored their function, removed interference in their nervous system and allowed their bodies to work and function at their best from that day forward.  So yes, you are never too young (or old for that matter) to be adjusted, especially when it is determined that the upper neck can be misaligned during the birth process. Thanks for reading, Dr. Joe.

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