Why Do I need X-rays?

So, Dr. Joe why do you have to take x-rays. Well, the reason for that is not only to see what injuries or traumas that you may have experienced during your life, but to also rule out something that they may be there that we not be able to know without an x-ray. 

My children have always thought that I had x-ray vision when they were younger. Maybe it was because i always knew they would chose a certain number when asked  "guess what number they were holding behind their back". The truth of the matter is that in order for me to give you a more precise and specific chiropractic adjustment. It is essential that I know exactly how your spine is either aligned or misaligned,. My only way to do that is the see this thru a diagnostic Spinal X-ray.  X-rays show how your spine has handled all of the years of stresses, strains and traumas that you had during this time on this earth. 

Do I take x-rays on everyone? No, I don't. I do take spinal x-rays on anyone over the age of 16 years of age in the area that they may have had an injury or currently complaining of pain. I do not take x-rays on children under the age of 16, unless they have a major trauma, pain for several months or a injury that would warrant an x-ray to see if there would be some type of fracture and or dislocation. 

Many times an x-ray will show that years of degenerative disc or arthritic changes that have occurred when there would be no suspicion of something like that. Many patients say 'i just can't turn my neck any more, i thought that was normal and I'd just learn to live with that. I will often ask the patient is "do you remember having an auto accident or maybe a fall that happened maybe 20 or 30 years ago" and I'll say oh yeah, I forgot all about that when I tell him is this degenerative disc in your neck that from that old car accident you had as a teenager. Very rarely do I ever find something that's really serious, but I do feel it's important to have a overall picture to see how your body has handled life, poor posture, gravity and all the ups/downs you had through all the years. So there you have it... that's why I take x-rays to see how stress has affected you and see exactly what specific and precise chiropractic adjustment would be most beneficial to restoring your body to better function through a properly aligned and 100% functioning nervous system. Thanks for reading, Dr. Joe.

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