Expect Miracles

One day as I was walking in the front door of my office, I noticed a small, hand painted stone near the edge of the sidewalk. On the stone was a yellow sun surrounded by a bright blue sky. I looked down at the stone and smiled. Intrigued by this random act of Beauty, I decided to create a stone of my own. Right then I started brainstorming about what image or message I would leave. I decided to leave a stone with one of my favorite chiropractic slogans, “expect miracles,” and here’s why.

I immediately thought of an encounter I had during a sports physical a few days earlier. Two teenage daughters mother asked me “are you one of those chiropractors that sees miracles happen in your office?” She had seen a YouTube video where a young person was unable to walk for months, then after one chiropractic adjustment was able to stand up and walk out of the office.

I told her, “Yes! But it doesn't have anything to do with ME making a miracle happen… all I do is allowing the power that made the body to also heal the body, that's how I've seen miracles happen.” All that I do as a chiropractor is restore the patient's body through an adjustment to work and function at its best level by removing any and all interference in the nervous system.

Subluxations/misalignments of the spine literally block the body’s natural ability, or “innate power (God given),” to heal itself and keep itself healthy. Chiropractic adjustments restore the body’s ability to work again by removing these misalignments so that everything can function and flow from the brain to every gland, organ and tissue smoothly.

I have seen miracles of all different sorts occur in my patients after they had a chiropractic adjustment. What is so amazing about many of these instances is how quickly these miracles and changes occur. Patients who are bent over in pain walk back out of the office upright and smiling, others walk in with sunglasses and horrendous migraines and leave feeling little to no pain or a colicky baby who hasn’t had a bowel movement in days will go the bathroom within 5 minutes after the adjustment . There is virtually no limit to what the body can do to repair itself if properly assisted by adjustments.

Now any time a patient walks into my office, they can look down and be reminded to “expect miracles”, no matter how big or small, when they take care of themselves and their body with chiropractic care.

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