I Don't Believe In Chiropractic...

Few times a week, I often hear that… you know “I just don't believe in chiropractic”. My response to the statement is not defensive but engaging and educating in the health conversation. Which, I  understand why you may not believe in chiropractic, but it's not about a belief or a religion. Chiropractic is principled in allowing the body to work and function at 100% through a specific chiropractic adjustment.

When I adjusted the newborn baby early this morning, whose parents were on their last leg because they have not slept in days, because the baby was so colicky and screaming and had severe gas.  When I adjusted the upper neck and lower back region of the baby, within just a few moments had a bowel movement on the table, stopped crying and smiled.  Now did that baby believe in chiropractic at the moment of the chiropractor adjustment? No and neither did the parents for that matter.  What actually happened is the chiropractic adjustment restored distressed nervous system with the misaligned spine, which allowed the babies body to work and function again. Additionally, a tween had fallen out of bed and landed on his back/tailbone. His mother brought him because he had started wetting the bed, when he had no previous problem. I again checked his spine and the specific low lumbar vertebrae that controlled his bladder was misaligned. The family came back to the office the next day and Mom stated that last night was the first dry night in weeks. The boy didn’t have any idea what chiropractic was except that I popped his back and he felt better after his adjustment.   

Now you do not have to believe in chiropractic for it to work either.  All that I do is request that you at least give me or another Chiropractor the opportunity to show you that when your spine is in the proper alignment that your nervous system will work in function at a better level. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all glands, organs and tissues of the body. Any interference in these functions will decrease how your body works. Often times through stress, traumas or bad habits your system can get misaligned or out of balance. Specific Chiropractic adjustments restore this balance in the body, allowing it to work and function again.  So, believe it or not, chiropractic is truly about restoring and adjusting the body into proper alignment and a nervous system that functions as its optimum level.  Thanks for reading Dr. Joe.

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