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Compex Wireless 2.0

Compex Wireless USA is a wireless, portable electrical muscle stimulator that can take your workouts to the next level so you can achieve peak performance. Wireless USA optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping avoid injury.


I have used muscle stimulation in my chiropractic practice for over 25 years and it has been an integral part of the healing post injury and pain management. I have been given the opportunity to demo the complex wireless system and was able to see what the difference was not only on post workout recovery but also strength and warm-up. One of the most important things about the compact system is it is truly wireless and is simple to program. It has over nine specific programs geared for strength, warm-up and recovery. The Complex device is a LED system with smart touch buttons that allow for easy to use and navigate through the multiple programming abilities. I would like to go over all the nine programs briefly to show what opportunities you have that only to improve your overall performance prevent injuries and decrease your recovery time which therefore improves your overall performance. There are two different types of muscle fibers in the musculo skeletal system which are Type 1 or slow twitch (endurance) and Type 2 or fast twitch (power and explosiveness).  The training recovery gives the athlete the ability to recover from his previous work out by producing a specific muscle twitching that increases blood flow and moves the lactic acid out of the muscle which decreases the late onset muscle soreness. The Strength program specifically target fast twitch muscle fibers to stimulate maximum contraction of the muscles to reduce injury and decrease the stress on the joints. Resistance will target both two types of muscle (Type 1 and Type 2) and which builds size and strength. The Potentiation program allows you to target specific muscles that are geared for speed this not only stimulates but programs to muscle to be more efficient with movement. Endurance is necessary for all forms of athletic competition in the slow twitch fibers in the program of endurance increases the oxidization of these muscle fibers which improves overall endurance. Strength is necessary and is required by the large muscle groups of the fast twitch fibers which improves explosive and power movements like jumping. While the specific training is important recovery is just as important as the Compex system will target by using a lower frequency muscle stimulation that promotes relaxation of the muscle, increased blood flow and removal of lactic acid post workout. While stretching is an important aspect of warming up, the pre-warm-up phase program produces a very low frequency muscle stimulation or twitching that increases the oxygenation in the muscle for improved blood flow that gets you ready for your event. While training can increase muscle contractions and stiffness at times, the muscle Relaxation program produces a very controlled muscle twitch that relaxes the muscle without fatigue. The Compex system comes with electro pod modules (4) and multiple gel electro packs with a charging station for approximately around $999. The Compex Wireless 2.0 system it is an essential part of every athletes training recovery strength or warm-up that is simple to use, compact and gives you maximum mobility. 


  • Wireless electric muscle stimulation device
  • All the benefits and programs of the Compex Sport Elite, while delivering the freedom of wireless
  • Wireless pods replace bulky cables to offer maximum mobility during muscle stim sessions (both active and passive)
  • Pods connect to the electrode pads with patent pending easy-snap application
  • Smaller, sleeker, and lighter design than wired versions
  • New LED interface and smart-touch buttons for more intuitive control and usability
  • Easy-to-use individually controlled channels for targeted therapy of specific muscle areas
  • 9 programs with 3 levels of progression for the maximum number of options to enhance warmup, workout, and recovery
  • Ultra-sleek docking station for easy, self-contained storage and charging of control unit and electrode pods


  • Affordably priced at $999
  • 9 specific programs for 4 strength, 2 warmups and 3 recovery
  • Maximum mobility and portability with wireless pods
  • Simple to use and navigate thru program menu
  • Electrode Pod modules, Includes 8 of the 2" x 2" Easy Snap Performance Electrodes and 4 of the 2" x 4" Easy Snap Performance Electrodes, Docking/Charging Station and case


  • None


The Compex Wireless 2.0 system it is an essential part of every athletes training recovery strength or warm-up that is simple to use, compact and gives you maximum mobility.

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