Benefits of Local Honey

I remember many years ago, taking the bee pollen to increase my energy. As I live in the sinus capital of the world, Cincinnati I always heard that consuming honey raw honey, would reduce the amount of allergies that you have living in this region. Raw honey has been used for thousands of years even dating back to Egypt and was used by many people and cultures in the world. Hippocrates wrote the value medically of honey. The big difference between that used today and raw honey, raw honey is unfiltered heat-treated or processed and can be used both internally and topically.

Raw honey is a much different chemical composition, nature’s way is easy to digest and the body’s ability to metabolize and has a much different effect on your insulin levels and regular honey. I do feel that honey used in very small amounts is an excellent substitute for sugar and of course contains no additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners as just about everything today contains everything unnatural.

There are many products of the hive and have healing properties and benefits to the beekeeper and the consuming population. They are the pollen, propolis, royal jelly each of these contain a specific properties based upon where is collected and how is consumed towards the nutritional values,  energy and healing abilities. Pollen is a popular energy supplement with nutritional aspects including protein, amino acids and enzymes. Royal jelly has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Propolis has key properties of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and detoxifying abilities. I do feel that while separately each part of the hive has their benefits, the entire hive products are better when used together.  

Honey has many healing qualities which do include indigestion, skin disorders, healing from contusions/ burns this has to do with the fact that raw honey is a natural and painless antiseptic. The properties that it has its hydrophilic meaning it attaches to the water which dehydrates bacteria on contact. And Raw honey is also a natural microbial which helps with infections also.

The benefits of using raw honey from local bees to not only improve my own immune response to local pollen but also help with energy levels, added nutrients and overall healing properties of raw honey.

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