I don't need to work out, I have a physical job, work in the yard and walk every day... isn't that enough?

I hear this all the time... I don't need to work out, I have a physical job, work in the yard and walk every day isn't that enough?. Actually, it's not and being physically active outside or in your job is good but it doesn't work the necessary muscles that keep the body in proper alignment, allow for proper posture, muscular strength and general cardio health especially with long-term gravity and continued technology which is all part of the real world today.  

I tell my patients all the time that you have to work out with resistance or weight training at least twice a week. The health and fitness experts recommend exercise is between 30 minutes and 60 minutes every day. This includes briskly walking that increases your heart rate to the proper level along with cardiovascular training and of course exercise as we said earlier. Exercise is a essential not only keep your body, heart and your skeletal muscles at their optimum level. This also reduces daily stress, improves sleep and keeps the muscles active and decreases gravitational wear, long-term strain that occurs with a poor or sedentary lifestyle. The average American spends approximately one third of their day sitting and sleeps one third day which leaves not much to get out and exercise.

I found it essential that regular and consistent exercise that varies instead of just doing the same thing over again is very important and can lead to boredom and repetitive strain and injuries. Your body craves variety and as with variety your body recovers become stronger and healthier with that. Minimum of five days a week is a part of a regular healthy lifestyle all long with regular adjustments, proper nutritional, stress management and sleep. 

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