Ethan Montgomery Had a Great Fall

I realize every day the importance of having my child checked and adjusted after a spinal injury. This impact to Ethan’s forehead was at a full run into a wall. It split open his head and required a visit to the ER. Fortunately, nothing was broken and the Doctor glued his skin back together. That day, I checked Ethan for a subluxation. His leg length was almost 1 inch off.

It is a known fact that before the age of seven, every child will fall an average of 2,500 times (Ethan probably more). The National Safety Council reports nearly half of children fall directly on their head before the age of one year. What scares me as a parent is that even though there were no broken bones, his spine was instantly subluxated (misaligned)with this injury. At the hospital room, I saw immediate changes. The nerve system trauma resulted in immediate posture changes (a short leg and muscle spasm). I hear many parents say, “After little Bobby fell his personality changed. He became mean and was a different boy.” Current research shows that there are permanent changes to the delicate spine within a 2-week period. This damage is scar tissue formation, decreased motion, decreased blood flow and abnormal nerve function. Once these changes occur they can never be the same again. That’s why it is essential to have a chiropractic spinal exam immediately after your child falls. This will allow your chiropractor to recognize, repair and prevent future damage. Abraham Towbin, M.D. (of Harvard) states, “Nerve system injury to the cervical spine will result in abnormal function and behavior to your child.” That is why parents will report changes in their child’s personality after an injury.

As a proud parent of a now interference-free little boy, I am grateful for having chiropractic in my life for 44 years. You have no idea how many times my Mom and Dad drove our family to Xenia, Ohio, to get adjusted by Dr. Billmeyer after our childhood traumas, falls and injuries. The impact of a 100% functioning nervous system is invaluable. There is not a single part of your body that isn’t controlled and coordinated by your nervous system. Only 10% of the nervous system recognizes PAIN, the other 90% controls all functions of the body (digesting, wiggling of toes, running and thinking etc.) Ethan may never have known the negative impact of this injury to his spine until he developed that severe migraine as an adult. Pain is always the last thing that will happen after a trauma. I cannot stress the importance of getting your son or daughter’s spine checked immediately after an injury to determine if a subluxation occurred. I hope that my experience will help you in making the best decision for your children.

Why would you let your children experience the same aches, pains and problems that you have today, when the cause was possibly from a childhood injury?

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