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Should I get a Standing Desk?

 Many years ago, humans weren’t sitting at a desk all day long. But, times have changed, and we do more sitting than ever before! We’re sitting in our cars, at work, at school, at our dinner table, and on our couch. Nearly all day long, we sit. Then, we work out for a little bit, but what’s standing for an hour going to do? Not enough! As a chiropractor, many people come into my office to find relief from back and neck pain. But sometimes the reason they are in pain is because they are sitting for too many hours of the day.

How Important is Standing?

   We might not think that sitting is very bad for our health, and I hate to break it to you and say that it is. A lot of health problems are associated with sitting for too long. Some of those include:

-Bad for your mental health

-Increases heart disease

-Increases diabetes

-Increases chance of stroke

-Increases obesity

-Increases neck an back pain stiffness

-And more

      On the other side of things, standing is really healthy for you.  We may feel fatigued when we first try it, but soon, you’ll get used to the hurt that you experience. In my office, we see men and women who are dealing with aches and pain. Most often, the cause is clear. It’s because they have been sitting for too long or have abnormal curvature along the spine from prolonged periods of sitting. 

   Getting out and getting active is important, but so is simply standing more often than your body is typically used to. Your spine is not meant to be curved the way it is when you’re sitting down and looking at a computer monitor screen for long periods. When you stand with good posture, your body is in its right position for your spine to be at ease. You’ll feel much more comfortable and have less back pain.

  Standing Correctly

 I always recommend that people get up at least once an hour for five minutes. They need to stand, walk around, and get their blood flowing. But, ideally, that would be much longer than five minutes. Unfortunately, working at a sitting desk can be very harmful to your health and if you’re standing, you have a much better chance of being healthy. The most important step, however, is to make sure that you’re standing correctly.

Nearly half of all Americans are worried about their bad posture, and for good reason. Bad posture can lead to a lot of aches and pains. The correct posture is standing so that your body is in a straight line. That means your shoulders are back, hips are pulled in, and knees are aligned underneath the pelvis.

5 Ways to Improve Posture At Work

When you’re working, there are a few things that you can do so that you are in the correct posture while working : 

1.   Make sure your monitor is eye level

When your monitor is down, you have to stare at it with your neck curved down, which is hard on your spine. Over the years, it can lead to something called text-neck, which can permanently alter how your neck is! You’ll want to make sure your monitor is eye level so you aren’t looking down.

2.   Get an ergonomic chair

If you are choosing to sit, make sure you’re doing so in an ergonomic chair so that your spine isn’t hurting. You do not want to slouch or lean forward or backwards. This can cause your spine to curve and put pressure on it. Many people end up with body aches because of this slouching.

3.   Stand more

Make sure that you’re getting up frequently and standing more. You want to be sure that you can stretch your muscles, especially your back. I recommend getting a standing desk so that you’re up and about without the pressure that sitting puts on your spine. I suggest sitting 60-70% of your day

4.   Practice good posture at your desk

If you get a standing desk, you’ll burn more calories, but you’ll still need your monitor at eye level still. Then, you’ll need to practice good posture. Don’t slouch your shoulders. Make sure you pull them back and keep them down. Elongate your neck and keep your knees aligned underneath your pelvis. Remember, you want to keep a straight line.

5.   Invest in a sit and stand desk

 Although it’s good to have a standing desk, there are times that you’re going to want to sit down as well. I know how important it is to stand, which is why I recommend getting a desk that can do both.

What Can I Do?

   We’re all pretty tired. We work for long hours, go home to families, and things are pretty chaotic. So, the last thing we want to hear is that we need to be standing more. How will you find the time? What can you do? Everyone has to work. But, most of our jobs cause us to sit at a desk all day long. That’s pretty bad for our health. So, what can you do?You need to be proactive about your health. You need to get healthy so that you can feel better! The way to do that is to start standing more. 

Make the Switch for Improved Health

   If you’re struggling with back pain, you should definitely talk with your chiropractor about getting a standing desk. Getting your spine adjusted is important for your health, and it’s also important to keep that spine aligned by standing more. Stop sitting at your desk all day long and let's increase your blood flow, improve your back pain, and get a standing desk. As Always, Thanks for reading, Dr. Joe 

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