I Didn't Know Chiropractic Could help with that...

It’s my fault and I take full responsibility that I don't spend a little bit more time on teaching and educating to understand the importance of the nervous system and not just the pop or crack. One of the biggest topics in conversation at the office is... I didn't know that Chiropractic could help with that. Well the body is comprised of 100 Billion Nerve cells, 900,000 miles of sensation pathways and 24 movable vertebrae. Of these nerve pathways only 10% of them control pain while 90% controls glands, organs, tissues and functions of the body.

The majority of patients come into the office for neck, back, headaches. sciatic or numbness in the hands but there's always some additional symptomatic relief that they get which is very surprising to them. That relieve could be from sinuses. ringing in the ears, digestion problems, breathing better, constipation or in many kids colic, bedwetting, ear infections, difficulty sleeping, sick all the time and asthma.

The correlation or cause is that the spinal misalignment or subluxation is irritating or pinching the nerves that is not only are causing pain but is also creating dysfunction in that organ gland or tissue in the body. All that the Chiropractic adjustment does is remove the pressure/pinching and restore the natural flow of the nerve allowing it to work and function at its best level. This Chiropractic adjustment maximizes the way the body functions and restores the natural ability for you to be healthy.

As I said earlier, it was my fault that I didn't give you a better understanding of how important the chiropractic adjustment was not only for pain but also to optimize every gland, organ and tissue that you have in yourself and your families bodies and maximize your nervous system performance.

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